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Doug Leavitt -Home Builder

Doug Leavitt has been in the home building/construction business since 1982. He began his building career working for a high-volume local home builder from 1982 until early 1992, where he was involved in over 1,200 new homes, duplexes, and fourplexes. He then opened his building company in 1992 and has built over 300 homes, duplexes, fourplexes, & medical buildouts. The price of his home building has ranged from $150,000 – $1,200,000. He bought and built out most of Mayfair in Crowley, Texas and Country Vista in Burleson, Texas. He has also built in Fort Worth, Arlington, Aledo, Granbury, Cresson, Grand Prairie, Cleburne, Tarrant County, Dallas County, Johnson County, and Parker County on owners’ land and city lots.

Doug Leavitt – Building Coach

Many people dream of building their own home, but few have the expertise and tools to make it happen alone. What would you need to make your dream a reality?

Could you benefit from the guidance of an experienced home builder on planning, pricing, hiring contractors, and navigating all those forms, contracts, and red tape? What if you had someone to provide you with tips and tricks that can save you THOUSANDS, while making your dream home a reality?

With 35 years of home building, Doug Leavitt coaches’ self-builders and self-remodelers so they can maximize the quality and equity of their homes while enjoying the accomplishment of building a home they’re proud of.

As your Building Coach, Doug can save you TIME and MONEY.

Building or remodeling your own home without guidance can lead to mistakes that are costly to your time, wallet, and quality of your home. Doug provides access to his buying accounts for professional discounts on materials, shows you how to cut costs without cutting values, and helps you avoid pitfalls and headaches.

New home builders charge clients a 20-(30%+) markup and 50% on extras and change orders, so even if you were able to hire a builder that charged a minimum markup of 15%, you are paying a builder in excess 0f $15,000-$30,000 on a $100,000 house and well over $45,000-$60,000 for a $200,000 house, and over $180,000-$210,000 for a $600,000 Home, $350,000 and up for a $1,000,000  For only 4-8 months of work! So you see, Builders make a lot of money on a single House/Home. (They usually have many going on at the same time, with a considerable LOSS OF QUALITY AND CONTROL the more they build at one time.) 


By working with Doug, that money can stay in your pocket. Every cost you spend on your home will come directly to contractors or vendors, with no middle man. And no mark ups! You pay EXACTLY what builders pay.

Doug has the contacts, the respect of the contractors, and knowledge of where and who can give you the best deals and quality for the price.

As your Building Coach, Doug gives you RESOURCES and KNOWLEDGE.

To complete your home, you’ll need various paperwork, forms, and contracts such as:

  • For Local Clients He Includes HIS Full Contractors Local Contractors
  • Description of materials
  • Construction Document Checklist
  • Draw Request Form
  • Building Checklist
  • Contract For the Lot
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Lien Waivers
  • Who Gets a 1099 IRS Form?
  • Project Checklist
  • Proposal Forms
  • Bid Sheets for contractors
  • Bidding Comparison Checklist to aid in your choice of contractors
  • Change Order Forms
  • Selections Sheet to organize your selections for appliances, paint, flooring etc.
  • Lot Evaluation Checklist

Doug has all the paper work, forms, contracts, tips and tricks to save you not only money but the vast amount of time that self-builders spend searching, researching, and learning by trial-and-error. This WILL eliminate most of the mistakes that self-builders make due to inexperience. Do not pay extra for your inexperience.

His guidance is crucial in showing you how to estimate the cost of construction, covering considerations like:

  • What type of foundation is best for your soil?
  • How do you know how much to borrow to complete the construction, what is a fair price to pay a contractor?
  • What is needed to complete a set of Building Blueprints?
  • How to save 10’s of thousands of dollars before you ever close on the construction loan?
  • How to get the contractors back for their warranty work?
  • What should they charge for and what they should include in their bids without extra charges?
  • Plus, MUCH, MUCH MORE!


Doug Leavitt – Software Developer

At NO EXTRA COST, you also get his proprietary software that walks you through the building process while giving you tips and ideas along the way. It includes an array of helpful spreadsheets:

  • A bidding/estimating program
  • Cost variation sheet to keep you on budget
  • Glossary of terms
  • Owners Selections Sheet that stores the items you select to install in your house such as appliances make and model, paint colors in each room, brick choices, as you purchase or order your materials etc.
  • Schedule Of Construction/ Construction Flow Chart- Each step of the construction process.
  • Days/Task- When to schedule each task and how many days each should take to complete. It also shows which tasks you can be working on at the same time, keeping your completion timeline at a minimum. This alone will save you time and interest on your construction loan.
  • Subcontractor’s Glossary of Terms list- List of your contractors you hire in an organized form
  • Vendors/ Suppliers list – List all the suppliers you decide to buy your materials from keeping your purchases in order and organized.
  • Allowances List- List all the items you did not have an exact cost when you originally bid your construction. Like appliances, lighting, flooring, hardware, etc. These are items you will plug in a estimated cost you think you will spend on each line item.
  • Utilities information Sheet- List and track your communication with the utilities companies.

This software alone retails for $2,499.00, (Included with your Coaching.)

With the big and exciting task of building or remodeling your home lying before you, take the journey with the support and knowledge of an experienced home builder/remodeler.

Save Time and Tons of Money and Headaches by working with the Doug Leavitt- Your Building Coach!

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Phone: 817-291-4866